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Key Benefits of Videos

  • Placed on DVDs for total quality rendering during those special moments.
  • Alternatively we can author Bluray HD content, AVCHD on DVD, or output to VHS tape.
  • Long term usage.  Video can be watched again and again for years, even decades, from now.
  • You will impress your audience with such quality of work.  Your happiness a 'shoe in'.


  • Wedding Videos:  We specialize in professional videography and digital video editing of weddings.

A wedding video can include up to a 75 photograph slideshow (about a $100 savings). It can also include some of the still photographs taken during the wedding event itself if provided. The average length varies but will usually be between 30 and 60 minutes in length. The end result equals years of memories for you and your family. You don't get married every day, and having a quality video will add to the value of your memories.

  • Other Videos:  Other videos / events can be done as well.  I.e. brisk's (just kidding), 'special number' birthdays (16), more.

Any other videos can include photograph slideshow.