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The slideshow is a wonderful way to have your photos presented.  It is compiled with your choice of music to create a special memory on or around your wedding or reception.  Your guests will rave and wonder how you had it done. 

 The wedding video will include up to a 75 picture slide show.   It can also include many of the photographs taken during the wedding event itself.  The average length varies but will usually be between 30 and 60 minutes in length.  The end result will equal years of memories for you and your family.   You don't get married every day, and having a quality video will add to the value of your memories.

Key Benefits

  • Placed on DVD or VHS tape for total quality rendering during those special moments.*
  • Long term usage.  Video can be watched again and again for years, even decades, from now.
  • You will impress your audience with such quality of work.  Your happiness a 'shoe in'.

Pricing Per Number of Photographs**



75 Photographs***4%+ $91
100 Photographs 8%+$116
150 Photographs16%+ $159

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*Other formats are available

**Number of Photographs only.  Certain restrictions apply.  Special circumstances will deem minor cost increases... i.e. Music editing $2-$5 extra.

***75 Photographs pricing can be included on the wedding videos.  $1.50 more for each additional Photograph or the difference for each 75 Photographs category.